Flap, Pustule, Bulbous

Anthony Michael Hall: You've never seen Man on Fire?
Jon: I think I've only ever seen two Denzel Washington films: Virtuosity and John Q.
Anthony Michael Hall: [pause]
Jon: No, I've also seen Courage Under Fire and The Manchurian Candidate.
Anthony Michael Hall: All the hits…

Live-Thog: A Quiet Place

Why would you have another child? If it was unplanned, why wouldn't you abort it?

Could someone who snores survive by sleeping behind a waterfall?

How were those stairs constructed so that she could pull the tip of a nail up? It would be the head of a nail, if anything, no?

Why didn't she bend the nail flat?

Is the daughter gonna step on the nail too?

Idea: Taglines on film posters as fortune cookie fortunes.

Every con has its pros. (Ocean's 8)
Every family tree hides a secret. (Hereditary)
It's going to be an incredible summer. (Incredibles 2)
Redefine the hustle. (Superfly)
Life finds a way. (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

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