Flamingo Dance Lessons

I'm in Chicago for two weeks for a film festival that I helped program. AJ Lee is a panelist! Maybe Punk will show up with her.

From Chicago, I head to Montana for Adam Robot's wedding.

The last week of March, I customized a pair of Vans to wear at said wedding:

"Available 2-3 weeks."

That should be okay. I'll have them shipped to Chicago.

This week, I called Vans to check on my order.

—China's been taking 3-4 weeks. You should receive them by the end of the month.
—That's as much tracking as you can do?!

Fuck. I need them to arrive before the wedding so I can match their shade of pink with one of the 12 pink ties I bought and then return the other 11 so I don't have to transport them with me to Montana.

My contingency plan:

"Next-Day / Arrives 1-2 Business Days."

Hmm… Do I need to order more ties?

I have now seen this male teen at my gym wearing a Big Baller Brand hoodie and a hoodie with this on its front:

I can't stop wondering whether or not the two hoodies are related.

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