Clickbait is not your friends

Previously on Adam Riff™ (Sep 2016):
A homeless dude slumped over in a wheelchair on the side of a highway exit ramp turned down my La Barbecue leftovers because of an upset stomach.

This happened to me in Seattle. My still warm, leftover Li'l Woody's fries weren't healthy enough for the real homeless of Pine Street.

While walking home today with half a braaibroodjie and a kimchi and oaxaca empanada, I wondered if any homeless person I encountered would want them.

"It's like a grilled cheese sandwich, but with peach chutney and red onion."

"It's like a Hot Pocket, but with fermented cabbage and radish."

Should I just bin them?

We need a way for people with perishable leftover food to connect with homeless people who want to eat it – Begslist!

F4M: Fries seeking man.

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