Gluten Classico

I bought of pack of Cherry Cola Oreos to try and now have a bunch of Cherry Cola-flavoured Oreos that I don't want to eat but don't want to bin either.

Idea: Samplr – a service that allows you to sample any non-perishable or non-frozen item you see in a supermarket.

1. Photograph items you wish to sample with Samplr's app.
2. Check out.
3. Receive a box of samples in the mail.

Pay per box. $5 per box, including shipping. Check-out minimum is seven items. $0.50 for each additional item. Maximum 12 samples per box.

Idea: MoviePass for fast food. Enjoy any one fast food item per day for a flat monthly fee. Plus, try any new fast food item at no cost.

Idea: A grim and gritty reboot of Austin Powers to ouroboros Daniel Craig's Bond films. Domhnall Gleeson as Austin Powers.

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