Defend the orb

You know how the Paralympics happen after an Olympics in the same host city using the same facilities?

Idea: A second World Cup following a World Cup played by the substitute/bench halves of the 32 World Cup squads – an NIT World Cup.

Olympic Soccer Idea: Instead of a CBI World Cup, three-on-three six-on-six soccer with two goalies in each net.

Premier League Idea: If you incur two red cards in one season, you incur a green card, which forces you to immediately join and play for an MLS team until next EPL season begins. Enough MLS teams exist to pair off with every EPL team for ease of transfer.

Sketch Idea: What if Jim Cantore was Andrés Cantor? Andrés Cantor reporting from a severe weather event. "COOOOOOOOOOOLLLD!!!"

Idea I don't know what to do with: French Montana, an area of Montana that's like Quebec is to Canada.

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