A childhood friend of mine is getting married next March in Byron Bay, Australia (her fiancée is Australian).

As I have never visited Australia, and flights to and from Australia are 14 hours long, I figured I should stay a while.

It was only after booking a non-refundable ticket arriving March 4 and departing March 28 that it occurred to me that I won't be able to use my phone at will for basically an entire month.

Oof. Verizon's TravelPass is $10 per day.

I'm spending a week in Portland, Oregon this month prior to my hero Tony Fader's wedding, staying in a Airbnb because hotels in Portland are unwelcomingly priced.

My one issue with Airbnbs is that they don't uniformly have gyms.

Idea: MoviePass, but for accessing gyms while traveling. $10-15 drop-in fees rack up, and I don't want to fill out a fitness analysis and have an orientation with a membership counselor before using a multiple-day trial pass.

Netflix Original Film Idea: A remake of the 1992 film Stay Tuned in which Roy and Helen are sucked into Netflix and must survive its programming for 24 hours.

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  1. cangrejero 04 Aug 18 at 23:34

    I live in Sydney now, let me know if you want to meet. Also, vodafone and optus prepaid sim cards are like 40 Australian dollars per month.


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