Didn't have a dime but I always had a vision

I'm fascinated by this house in suburban Ohio in which a bunch of Super Smash Bros. pros/streamers/casters/content creators/enthusiasts live.

I know gamer houses exist, but this one seemingly formed organically – the Brockhampton of Smash.

Film Idea: This Is England, but with gamers instead of skinheads. Bullied youngster Shaun finds a sense of pride and family in his local Smash Bros. scene. Everything changes when the gang is joined by Combo, an older Melee purist, whose behaviour becomes increasingly toxic.

Video Game Idea: A spiritual successor to Altered Beast in which you become various creatures by donning furry costumes.

Film Idea: A furry becomes his costume – Freaky Fur-iday.

Video Game Idea: A co-op Mission: Impossible game in which players must perform disparate tasks simultaneously. Player one must chase down someone in a helicopter while player two neutralizes and interrogates someone to help players three and four locate and defuse ticking time bombs.

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