Never fight a man with a perm

Steven: Do you know Mariah Carey? Like, I want to be her for Halloween with a Michael Myers mask and wig, but I need to know if she has any iconic thing I can also wear.
Jon: [pause]

Steven: Mariah Carey's face looks exactly like the Michael Myers mask.
Jon: Okay… So you want to be Mariah Carey wearing a mask of her own face? Mariah Carey with a rotten face?
Steven: No, bruh, Michael Myers dressed as Mariah Carey!
Jon: You're just gonna look like Michael Myers in drag.

Adam Robot: I was checking out what shows were coming up here, just in case I missed something. I see there's a Linkin Park tribute band coming. FFS. Imagine going to that.
Jon: I might, just to experience Mike Shinoda adjace.

Adam Robot:

Adam Robot: It's gotta be the guy with the flat brim.
Jon: Oh man… Method rapping. Chester adjace too!

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