Eater's Digest: Washington, D.C. 2

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October 2018
balô kitchen @ the block / munch @ the block / broccoli bar / himitsu / ice cream jubilee / call your mother / national geographic cafeteria

The Block is a youthful Asian food hall located in a nondescript Annandale strip mall dominated by a defunct Kmart.

(Munch) is a tenant of The Block.

Blueberry Earl Grey Ice Cream (Munch)
earl grey, blueberry jam, shortbread

^ You can't go wrong with tea-flavoured ice creams.

Cranberry Orange Sorbet (Munch)

Apple Butter Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream (Ice Cream Jubilee)
swirls of apple butter in a cinnamon ice cream, with oatmeal cookies

(Broccoli Bar) is a collaboration between the chain (&pizza) and urban events company Broccoli City.

Mad Cheddar Pizza (Broccoli Bar)
shredded cheddar, shredded mozzarella, cheddar beer sauce, broccoli, pickled red onions, croutons

^ A play on broccoli cheddar soup.

Street Carrot (Himitsu)
roasted carrot, burnt chili garlic, crema, cotija, chili flake

^ I tire of plays on elote.

Hamachi Crudo (Himitsu)
japanese yellowtail, orange segments, fish sauce vinaigrette, yuzu-tobiko
—Jono dreams of this.

Shrimp Toast (Himitsu)
brioche, sesame, kewpie, tare, bonito, scallions

^ Scrumptious.

(Call Your Mother) is a "Jew-ish" deli decorated with framed photos of Drake.

The Amar'e Bagel Sandwich (Call Your Mother)
candied salmon cream cheese, cucumber, crispy shallots, micro radish, on za'atar bagel

The Craig D Bagel Sandwich (Call Your Mother)
peach jam, cream cheese, bacon, jalapeño, chips, on plain bagel

I wish its bagel sandwiches were better.

Chocolate Babka (Call Your Mother)
—Like a better version of the chocolate babka from (Wise Sons) in San Francisco.

Crispy Pastrami Rice (Call Your Mother)
—It's just fried rice, disappointingly.

Deconstructed Paella? (National Geographic Cafeteria)
—I forgot to note its official description, but rice is served separately.


(Spoken English) is a standing-only communal restaurant.

Fermented Durian Curry (Spoken English)
spaghetti squash

Chicken Skin Dumpling (Spoken English)
dried shrimp, salted cod, chinese sausage

Poutine (Balô Kitchen)
fries, fried cheese curds, shiitake-miso gravy, scallions, bonito flakes

Ethiopian Hot Chicken Sandwich (Kith and Kin)
crispy thigh, ginger slaw, bibb lettuce, waffle fries

Crab Jollof Rice (Kith and Kin)
with dry-aged ribeye

Bay Leaf Ice Cream (Kith and Kin)
pumpkin seeds

Chocolate de Los Muertos Ice Cream (Ice Cream Jubilee)
chocolate coconut ice cream with charcoal and cayenne

Double Stout Caramel Ice Cream (Ice Cream Jubilee)
goose island bourbon county brand stout and caramel sauce

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