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// Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Melbourne reminds me of Vancouver, BC, Canada – a city for white people filled with Asian people.

The architecture in metro Melbourne is wild. It's like city planners gave every student at a school of design a block on which to build anything of their imagining.

I keep reading "CBD" (Central Business District) as "cannabidiol." CBD Bakery. CBD Kebabs.

Among Melbourne's restaurants are ones named "Lucy Liu" and "Sonny Chiba." Just need one named "Chiaki Kuriyama" for a Kill Bill triumvirate.

Australia really be putting chicken and beef in sushi rolls.

Also: A sausage roll is sausage rolled in puff pastry, whereas a bacon and egg roll is a sandwich. The more you know.

Is a sausage roll a sandwich?

What is that supposed to be? Display malfunction? Dead pixels?

I later learn that it denotes "right turn from left lane only."

Just drive on the right, ffs.

Melbourne is home to the world's largest IMAX screen. It's showing Inception on Thursday and a Terminator/Terminator 2 double feature on Friday, but I'm not feeling either.

[browsing local showtimes for Us]

What does "LUX" mean?

HOYTS LUX is our premium dine in cinema experience, with a bespoke luxury menu designed by Manu Feildel, a premium wine selection and comfort with cutting edge sounds and visuals.

Our HOYTS LUX cinemas are optimised for luxury over capacity, meaning you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the latest blockbusters on your special night out.

$45.00 for one LUX ticket?! Does that include food?


"Classic Cheeseburger: $29."

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