Eater's Digest: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

March 2019
supernormal / super ling / american doughnut kitchen / sunda / lune croissanterie / goldie canteen / ides / wasshoi / sweet greek / queen vee's / polēpolē / super ling / navi / don't hate, appreciate bake sale / south melbourne market dim sims / simply spanish / the moor's head / congress


★★ Fresh Housemade Noodles (Super Ling)
braised pig's ear, shin

^ Served with a wonderfully fresh housemade hot paste.

I didn't realize until eating this that this cut of meat that I have been enjoying all my life as an appetizer is shin meat.

★★ Jaffle with Mapo Tofu (Super Ling)
tofu, pork, water chestnuts, sichuan pepper

^ A spicy Uncrustable.

★★ Vegemite Curry (Sunda)
buttery roti

★★ Kangaroo Pastrami (Congress)
cultured cream, fried onions

★★ Peanut Butter Parfait (Supernormal)
salted caramel, soft chocolate

Peanut Butter (Ides)
sesame sourdough
—Peanut-infused butter.

Morgan McGlone's Breakfast Sandwich (Don't Hate, Appreciate bake sale)
—Egg salad in a fried chicken sandwich? Works!

Neil Perry's Strawberry Mascarpone Cake (Don't Hate, Appreciate bake sale)

Szechuan Noodle Salad (Supernormal)
sesame, pickles, chilli oil

Poached Lion's Mane (Navi)
crayfish bisque caramel, autumn herbs, egg yolk

^ A play on a lobster bisque. Lion's mane is a mushroom with a texture similar to that of lobster.

Cheviot Royale (Navi)
salted honey macadamia, apricot, loquat

^ A play on a cheese course.


PS40 Smoked Lemonade
smoked water, lemon and lime juice and zest, murray river salt, rosemary
—Stop. Smoking. Beverages.

Smoked Jerk Chicken Jaffle (Queen Vee's)
jamon, gruyere cheese
—Why does this jerk chicken sandwich contain ham?

Corn Bread (Queen Vee's)
jerk butter


Black Garlic, Trout Roe Macaron (Navi)

^ Works!

[left] Wallaby, Egg Yolk, Preserved Flowers (Navi)
[right] Smoked Eel, Apple, Native Thyme (Navi)

^ This white block is eel?

Pig's Head and Green Mustard Sanga (Congress)

New England Lobster Roll (Supernormal)
sesame, pickles, chilli oil

^ [pause]

Peking Duck Toastie (Goldie Canteen)
noodles, hoi sin

Duck Bao (Supernormal)
twice-cooked duck leg, vinegar, plum sauce

^ The duck meat is served in a bizarre hard shell.

Fried Chicken Ribs (Polēpolē)
whipped honey, zhoug aioli, smoked dukkha

Ugandan Curried Potato Rosti (Polēpolē)
—A rosti made with Ugandan curried potatoes, not a Ugandan rosti.

The Bosphorus Pide (The Moor's Head)
tomato, garlic prawns, black chilli, coriander

^ A cheese-less Lebanese pizza.

Chinese Mille Feuille (Super Ling)
crisp wonton, sichuan custard, pineapple

Hot Jam Doughnut (American Doughnut Kitchen)
—Light on the jam filling, just how I like it.

The Black Box (Ides)
blackberries and coconut, blueberries and cream cheese

^ A chilled chocolate box.


White Chocolate Tiramisu (Bar Carolina)
coffee, savoiardi, mascarpone

Eggplant and Lavender Ice Cream (Weirdoughs)

Vegemite Scroll (Attica)

Lasagna Roll (Tony's Pies)
—Puff pastry filled with lasagna.

Pepper Beef Tartare (Super Ling)
garlic stem, spring onion mayo, fried potatoes, sesame seeds; with rice crackers

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