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Players Are Pushing Their Bodies to the Limit Speedrunning Nintendo's Fitness Game

On December 15, a player in Tokyo, Japan calling themselves Sakinyan started playing Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo's exercise game hybrid.

Sakinyan was attempting to pull off the first world record run for playing through all of Ring Fit Adventure's surprisingly long story mode.

This staggering feat took Sakinyan a little over 18 hours, nearly a complete day of nonstop exercise.

The holy grail for Ring Fit Adventure speedrunners is trying to beat the game as fast as possible on the game's hardest difficulty, which sets exercise intensity at 30.

Sakinyan's 18-hour run happened with the game set with intensity at just one. At 30, you have to do both more reps and better reps; the game judges players more harshly.

On New Year's Eve, Sakinyan booted up Ring Fit Adventure and set the intensity to 30.

Sakinyan manages to keep going for an incredible 11 hours and 16 minutes.

G-D-Q! G-D-Q!

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