Hot Beef Sundae

Reddit user 6monthsuck is determined to put his time in social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic to good use.

He recently came across r/autofellatio, a subreddit dedicated to the art of sucking yourself off.

Now, he's trying—as you might have already guessed based on his username—to suck his own dick within six months.

Idea: An auto-fellatio training montage.

[visits r/autofellatio]


r/selfsuck too…

Auto-fellatio has a long cultural history in modern times

Porn star Vito Aras—known as Dr. Infinity—went on to profess the wonders of self-sucking to anyone who'd listen.

"The release of sperm from yourself into yourself becomes the energy which can lead to infinity," Aras said. "Self-generating energy will allow you to be anything you want. Through sucking on my own cock, I have created a human condition that is very stimulating… Control of one's sperm leads to infinity, and through infinity to a new world."

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