Girls just want to have blood

Thinking about how Cineplex, already saddled with debt, now has a bunch of unusable playground equipment.

Idea: A tongue-in-cheek awards show necrology for collateral damage of COVID-19.

♫: Wiz Khalifa – "See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)" ♫

"In Memoriam"

• Cheap Uber Pool rides
• Plastic bag bans
• Tableside guacamole
• Absentee Halloween candy bowls
• Airport spas
• Arcade rhythm games
• Asking for a cup for water and filling it with soda
• Begrudgingly letting someone else work in at the gym
• Blowing out birthday candles
• "Cash only"
• Complimentary valet parking
• Craps tables
• Destination honeymoons
• Establishing shots of Shibuya Crossing
• Haunted houses with bowls of cold spaghetti, Jell-O, and peeled grapes
• Kissing booths
• Little free libraries
• Miami's turnover chain
• Octogenarian immigrants picking through trash for recyclables
• Passing the dutchie
• Pretending to write a screenplay in public
Price Is Right contestants coming on down
• Sizzler's salad bar
• Suffering through opening acts at a concert to ensure a good spot for the headliner
• Supermen and Jack Sparrows who pose for photos with tourists
• Sushi boats
• The sweet, savoury aroma of a bacon-wrapped hot dog sold on the street by an unlicensed vendor
• Taking prom photos at IKEA
• Tech company shuttle buses in the carpool lane
• That container full of plastic chopsticks on every table at a pho restaurant
• The tiny house revolution
• Tough Mudder as a personality
• Videos of Black Friday stampedes
• Waiting room subscriptions to Highlights
• Human centipedes

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