Shout-out to his family

Idea: Newspaper comic strips as daily live-action TikToks. Keep up with the times. Or just adapt old strips into TikToks. @Cathy lives!

Idea: A 'Karen video' clip show. Whidiculousness. The Goop?

There are 507 episodes of Ridiculousness?!

Idea: A hidden camera show in which white women act a Karen in public for money. Mo' problems, mo' money. What the women don't know is that their marks are actors and that the show is actually about how far people will go for money.

Idea: Survivor: Cops vs. Blacks. Cast cops of all races.

Idea: Survivor: Whites vs. Blacks. The twist is that the jury is a group of Asian and Latinx bystanders, not eliminated castaways. Also, instead of hidden immunity idols, the jury can save two contestants after votes have been cast.

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