Delroy Lindo doing press for Da 5 Bloods in what appears to be his son's room.

[browsing Clarke Peters' filmography]

"Bulletproof (TV Series)."


Bulletproof 2? A sequel?

No, just season two of Bad Boys UK.

Oh, but a sequel to Bulletproof exists — and from this year!

Wikipedia » Bulletproof (TV series) »

Sky TV announced in December 2019 that the second series would air on 20 March 2020.

Two Bulletproof 2s in one year.

Further, in August 2019 it was announced that a new three-part special would be broadcast in Autumn 2020. The special will see Bishop and Pike journeying to South Africa to investigate the country's criminal underworld.

So Bulletproof 2 and Bulletproof 3 both involve buddies fighting crime in South Africa.

The director of Bulletproof 2 (Film) also directed Tremors 7, Jarhead 4, The Scorpion King 5, Kindergarten Cop 2, and Lake Placid 4.

He did not direct Half Past Dead 2, however, despite writing and directing the first film.

Tremors 7 stars Napoleon Dynamite.

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