18 Pumps White Mocha

Did you know that Wayne Brady has a show on BYUtv – that's executive produced by Queen Latifah?

Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ
Through 10 weeks of comedic challenges and mentorship from some of comedy's biggest names, eight young contestants put their skills to the test in hopes of becoming a comedy superstar.

Someone edit in Chappelle as a mentor.

"Is Wayne Brady gonna have to coach a bitch?"

Later this month, Wayne Brady will perform on the BET Awards – which is being simulcast on CBS?

The CBS feed should feature commentary by Jim Nantz.

As young people don't seem to watch linear television, I wonder about the future of The Price Is Right.

To ensure audiences that are diverse in age for years to come, shouldn't it also stream on a service that isn't CBS All Access?

Poor Disney is saddled with Longhorn Network until 2031.

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