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"Nature" is tenth on the list of categories, probably where music videos would be on an MTV+.

Cooking Channel's Food Jammers isn't on Discovery+, but Science Channel's Race to Escape is, albeit missing episode five.

Episode five is available for purchase on Amazon, though, so it's not because a contestant murdered someone.

Discovery+ Show Idea: Extreme Gender Reveals.

Serious Discovery+ Show Idea: Siblings with large age ranges, like 26 to 74.

Paramount+ could've launched this Thursday with Coming 2 America, but Paramount sold it to Amazon instead, which will premiere it this Friday on Prime Video.

Paramount also sold exclusive streaming rights to Paramount Network's Yellowstone, cable television's highest-rated show, to Peacock.

And Nickelodeon is producing a live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender for Netflix.

Wyd, ViacomCBS?

Peacock or HBO Max could've had Ted Lasso, but NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia, which produce the show and own Peacock and HBO Max, respectively, foolishly sold it to Apple.

^ why Paramount+ can't reboot Wayne's World (Wayne and Garth are black streamers)

How bad must The Woman in the Window be for Disney to sell it to Netflix?


  1. Anonymous 17 Mar 21 at 19:01

    Im from the U.K. but I went to the Fry’s electronics with that written there once and I always wondered what the hell it meant. Do you have any idea? I just found you on google because I want to know!


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