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[perusing the Olympic medal count]

Mexico only has three medals? And only bronze ones?

1. China
2. India
3. USA
4. Indonesia
5. Pakistan
6. Brazil
7. Nigeria
8. Bangladesh
9. Russia
10. Mexico

China, USA, and Russia lead the medal count. Brazil has 10 medals, two gold.

As for the other six countries…

India – two medals, no golds.
Indonesia – four medals, one gold.
Pakistan – no medals.
Nigeria – no medals.
Bangladesh – no medals.
Mexico – three medals, no golds.

Bermuda, population 62,278, has won as many gold medals as 30% of Earth's population.

Georgia, Earth's 132nd most populous country, has a better medal count (five medals, one gold) than Indonesia, Earth's 4th most populous country.

San Marino, population 33,931, has the same medal count as India, population 1,380,004,385. India's population is more than San Marino's population squared.

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