Why should life all labor be?

Jay's a hip-hop guy!

In August 2013, NBC decided not to renew its contract with Hansen, ending his tenure of 22 years. This came after a photo surfaced of Hansen kissing his then-mistress.

In June 2018, his wife Mary Joan filed for divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage.

Hansen maintained a New York City apartment; however, in January 2019, he was evicted after failing to pay rent for the apartment since the previous August.

In January 2019, Hansen was charged with larceny after a check bounced. Hansen turned himself in to police for bouncing nearly $13,000 worth of checks for promotional items.

[In] February 2020, Hansen was charged with harassment by a "civilian."

In relation to a sting operation that occurred in October 2020, Hansen was supposed to appear in court in Michigan in July 2021. Hansen did not show up. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

August 2021:

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