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[browsing Roku]

What is WOW Presents Plus?

Is this a gay streaming service?

"The official streamer of all things drag."

Ah so…

World of Wonder is an American production company perhaps best known for its contributions towards LGBTQ programming.

Their most well known production is RuPaul's Drag Race.

In 2018, World of Wonder launched a streaming service called WOW Presents Plus. The service contains a multitude of original series, mostly starring alumni from the Drag Race franchise. [source]

$4.99 a month? That's the same price as Peacock and Paramount+ (which also carries Drag Race), and only a dollar less than Hulu. I know Drag Race is popular, but…

How much could A24 charge for its own streaming service?

World of Wolf: The official streamer of all things procedural.

Finally. A streaming service for gay men.

$9.99 a month?!

I suppose its (and WOW Presents Plus') target audience does have more disposable income, being childless and male.

[googles "gender pay gap"]

Koochee would have to be priced at $8.22.

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