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Today is my 39th birthday.

While contemplating whether to post about it, I realized that I totally forgot about Adam Riff™'s 21st anniversary last month.

And last year, I totally forgot about Adam Riff™'s fuckin' 20th anniversary.

Shit, when was the last time I acknowledged Adam Riff™'s anniversary on September 10?

[rummages through archive]


Is this what being married is like?


  1. Russell 06 Oct 21 at 15:24

    To 21 more years of missed anniversaries or an asteroid that a group of oil drillers turned astronauts can't quite break up before annihilating Earth. Whatever comes first.

  2. Nick 08 Oct 21 at 13:22

    Ah, happy birthday…

  3. Matt 08 Oct 21 at 18:26

    just don't miss the best fight scenes of the year!


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