Truths and Replies

The new show is titled 1932 and "will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of Western expansion, Prohibition and the Great Depression."

2099: The Mars Dutton Colony.

As Taylor Sheridan discusses building out his Yellowstone universe (with something like 4 more shows on the way), he said, "I want to continue to make longform films that we're seeing in hour-long increments." [source]

2022: 50 Cent is basically running Starz, and the deputy chief of police on Sons of Anarchy is basically running Paramount+.

Actually running Paramount Pictures: The bad boy on Head of the Class.

See also: The handyman on NewsRadio and The Aquabats' second drummer.

THE CHALLENGE: CBS – For the first time in "Challenge" history, reality titans from the CBS universe will compete in the most unpredictable and demanding game of their lives.

THE CHALLENGE: WAR OF THE WORLDS – Winners from four new "Challenge" series (THE CHALLENGE: CBS, THE CHALLENGE: ARGENTINA, THE CHALLENGE: AUSTRALIA, and THE CHALLENGE: U.K.) will advance to a global tournament and battle for the first-ever title as the "Challenge" World Champion.

ALL STAR SHORE – 14 of reality TV's most iconic stars – from JERSEY SHORE FAMILY VACATION, GEORDIE SHORE, ACAPULCO SHORE, and more – come together for an epic vacation at the ultimate "Shore" house in Gran Canaria, Spain, to battle it out for the grand prize and global bragging rights.

The Challenge: Shore of the Universes – Endgame.

Additionally, seven new iterations from the "Shore" franchise will launch on Paramount+ in territories around the globe, including ARGENTINA SHORE, COLOMBIA SHORE and AUSTRALIA SHORE, with cities to be announced.

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