The torture of unwrit youth

Why does "inspired by Taiwan" make me chuckle?

Can you be "inspired by a classic flavor combination found in Parisian patisseries" when it's just said flavor combination?

How is Icebox Cake inspired by Black History Month? Because Nyesha Arrington is half-black and ate it as a child?

[googles "ice cream flavors inspired by black history month"]

The Distinguished Gentleman consists of fresh strawberry ice cream, chocolate creme de menthe pieces and a fresh strawberry swirl. It's named after Augustus Jackson.

"He actually invented strawberry ice cream and mint ice cream." [source]

A black man invented strawberry and mint ice creams – the more you know.

Content Warning: Discussions of Slavery, Racism, Suicide, Alcoholism


Some people erroneously credit Thomas Jefferson with popularizing vanilla ice cream in the USA. Thomas Jefferson was not a chef, and he did not have a recipe for vanilla ice cream. He enslaved a Black man who did. James Hemings was the person making vanilla ice cream in the kitchen at Monticello.

A black man introduced vanilla ice cream to America.

February Seasonals: Vanilla (inspired by Black History Month).

James Hemings' impact on American food is still felt today. Mac and cheese and french fries can also be traced back to his legacy.

Dipping fries in vanilla ice cream – black history?

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