I'm like pancakes out of a bag

[browsing SXSW's film schedule]

I Get Knocked Down

20 years after his fall from grace, the former front-man of Chumbawamba is angry and frustrated. How does a middle-aged, retired radical who feels invisible get back up again?

In this punk version of A Christmas Carol, Dunstan is forced to question what he has done with his life and is sent on a search into his past for his long-lost anarchist mojo.

59 is middle-aged?

Lover, Beloved

Suzanne Vega re-interprets two talks Carson McCullers gave at the 92nd St. Y in NYC.

During the first, in 1941, she drinks her way through the lecture, revealing messy romances and illnesses. In the second, 25 years later, she confronts her mortality.

McCullers: Remember me for centuries.

[tuesday, march 15, 2022]
netflix feature film special: adam by eve: a live in animation

[googles "adam by eve a live in animation"]

Music by Eve is woven together with animated scenes and live-action drama to produce a dreamlike sonic experience inspired by the story of Adam and Eve.

Ruff Ryder Eve?!

No, Jujutsu Kaisen Eve.

Serpent: Don't fight that good shit in your ear. Now let me blow ya mind.

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