Worldwide hoodie with the mask outside

The Resistance.

Oh, and look who's buried on the speaker line-up page:

You'd think they could book a nicer hotel than The Mirage. No chance any of these speakers are staying there.

The Twin Creeks Steakhouse at the Silverton casino just launched an ongoing "Stakes Are High" promotion.

Order the Creekstone Farms Tomahawk (sliced for two to share) and a tableside cart will show up, giving you the opportunity to roll three dice.

Depending on the results, you could receive a discount on your meal or a free dessert. [source]

Any die with a five: Guest will receive a free dessert
Three ones: 10 percent off [$175] Tomahawk entrée
Three twos: 20 percent off Tomahawk entrée
Three threes: 30 percent off Tomahawk entrée
Three fours: 40 percent off Tomahawk entrée
Three fives: 50 percent off Tomahawk entrée, and a free dessert
Three sixes: 100 percent off Tomahawk entrée [source]

The odds for all the discounts are the same?

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