90 Day Fiancé Universe

[browsing Warner Bros. Discovery's newsroom]

Kesha hikes deep into the forests of California's Mount Shasta in search of Bigfoot with The Bachelorette star Jojo Fletcher.

Kesha takes the queen of bounce rap, Big Freedia, on the ultimate ghost hunt at the infamously haunted Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Tennessee. [source]

Didn't Demi Lovato do something similar?

And now this:

Calling all amazingly fabulous ghost hunters!

Drag queens + supernatural activity when? Kin-drag Spirits.

LGBTQ-FO Hunters.

Kristen Stewart is bi-sexual.
Demi Lovato is gender fluid.
Kesha is non-binary and pansexual.

Does that cover all five letters?

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