Lunatic Country Music Person

The most-viewed post was a 2018 clip from Family Feud about a 69 joke, which had 53.2 million views.

…This is not who we are?

It's like how Orange Chicken always wins "Best Overall Product" at Trader Joe's Customer Choice Awards.

Premieres Saturday, September 17

Follows a group of young sentient super-powered vehicles as they defend Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Notable for being DC's first-ever animated Batman preschool series.

Premieres Wednesday, September 21

Follows a group of friends who are the children of first responders who work and play with talking vehicles to help their community.

Where are the animated shows about kid pedestrians and anthropomorphic bicycles and scooters?

The series "will center on a shy quarterback with a secret power — a magic arm — who leads a team of unlikely players from all backgrounds through heroic adventures."

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