My Year of Dicks

RackaRacka, the twin enfants terribles behind one of my favourite YouTube videos ever —

"Our Epic Childhood" (exhumed for posterity)

— just sold their Sundance-selected feature directorial debut to A24.

[Talk to Me] asks: What if Flatliners was rendered as a Monkey's Paw for the teenage audiences that fuel today's viral videos?

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes
A cafe owner discovers that the TV in his cafe suddenly shows images from the future, but only two minutes into the future.

After a time-rift offers a glimpse exactly one minute into the future, four college-bound kids try to salvage their failing friendship as their perception of free will begins to fall apart.

Saturday Night Live: Robin Williams/Adam Ant (1984)
Nighttime talk show Patty's Place welcomes a woman who lives 30 seconds ahead in the future and a man who lives 30 seconds behind in the past.

Dead Poets Society
Live in the present.

Star Search

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