Darkness Retreat


When Mordecai, a Holocaust survivor, is given a new iPhone, an unexpected series of events upends his world. [source]

"u up?"
"new phone who dis?"

Wanda and Jamal: Miami.

Erinem is an American rapper from Tyler, Texas, but musically influenced by Detroit hip-hop.


Born Erin Emily Wheeler, Erinem gets her artist name from a combination of her first and middle name.


Erinem is often asked if her artist name has any relationship to Eminem. She states that the similarity between her name and Eminem's is a product of coincidence, not design.

She's influenced by Detroit hip-hop, but her name is a coincidence?

She also had the privilege of working with D12's Bizarre.

She worked with D12's Bizarre, but her name is a coincidence.

Her previous EP, Y.B.A.L.A., received rave reviews.

Clearly, nomenclature is not one of her strengths.

Erinem is a member of American Mensa; paradoxically, after failing out of ninth grade, she went on to graduate from The New School, receiving an MFA. [source]


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