Let's Get Burger Today

No Strings Attached
Celebrity guests read aloud for the first time erotic fan fiction penned by real fans in which they are the lead protagonist.

Puppets act out key scenes.

[browses Banijay Rights' programmes]

Sexy Hands
The world's first dating show in sign language.

One love-seeking single and three potential suitors cannot see each other. But…by placing their arms through a heart-shaped divider, they can still flirt, talk, and impress each other.

The Big Celebrity Redemption – Save My Reputation
11 bad mannered reality stars with scandalous histories battle it out to win £50,000.

Competing in gruelling challenges that threaten to tip them over the edge, they'll have to prove to the moral majesty that they regret their behaviour and are desperately seeking redemption.

Cognitive dissonance.

Deepfake Neighbour Wars
The world's first long-form narrative show that uses deepfake technology.

See celebrities as ordinary people embroiled in petty neighbour disputes. From dentist Billie Eilish and Taekwondo teacher Beyoncé, to wannabe strongman Chris Rock and farmer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Why neighbours?

Deepfake Celebrity Deathmatch.

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