Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

10. The Anzellans (The Mandalorian, S03E01)

Honourable Mention

Stray Observations

  • "That is such horseshit."
    "Flawless horseshit." (The Last of Us, S01E07)
  • "What are you talking about, Riley? It's over."
    "It will be, but not yet. It ends this way for everyone sooner or later, right? Some of us just get there faster than others. But we don't quit. Whether it's two minutes or two days, we don't give that up. I don't wanna give that up. We can just be all poetic and shit and lose our minds together." (The Last of Us, S01E07)
  • Droids holding up Greef's cape (The Mandalorian, S03E01)
  • "Now that's using your head." (The Mandalorian, S03E01)
  • How Bo is sitting on the throne (The Mandalorian, S03E01)
  • "I've survived every trend – Spongebob, Adventure Time, gangsta Looney Tunes…" (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • Barbara's Mrs. Doubtfire and Jamaican accent (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "I'm going to go to Bone Town with Mo, and then I'm going to break up with him."
    "Wow. Okay, well, that feels like too much information and also kind of cruel."
    "I know, but I figured if I got to do this, I might as well be full of meat and covered in sauce." (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "Look, I loved Ed, Edd n Eddy, but that was elevated. You know, there are entire subreddits dedicated to the subtext of that show."
    "They're friends with a plank of wood with a face drawn on it." (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "You're pretty dang defeatist for someone who votes third-party." (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "Look, man, you can have my baby, but not my baby backs." (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "And I did enjoy our time—"
    "Can I get some more ranch?" (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • "Well, I guess this Silly Sock brigade is this generation's Rug Vermin." (Abbott Elementary, S02E17)
  • ♫: Sons of Maria – "Days of Blues" (South Park, S26E03)
  • "I just needed to prove that my vagine worked."
    "Well, it works, Gaby. It's like a-a well-oiled machine."
    "Yeah, it's humid and hospitable like Florida."
    "Hey, you can call my vagina any state, but you do not fucking call it Florida, you hear me?" (Shrinking, S01E07)
  • "You and I will never have feelings for each other, so you got what's called a safe dick."
    "I don't know about 'safe.' I like to think of him as kind of a bad boy, you know? Like Neil Diamond or something."
    "You think your penis is a bad boy like Neil Diamond?"
    "I picked the wrong guy." (Shrinking, S01E07)
  • "Did you get a new dog? What happened to Shit Rat?"
    "He was adopted by a family in Encino. They named him 'Cooper.'"
    "So, they're white?" (Shrinking, S01E07)
  • "I have something to make you feel better."
    "What? Some pussy?" (BMF, S02E08)
  • "You're gonna love where my lips go." (BMF, S02E08)
  • "I can't find my rhythm with this vibrating bed. Maybe we should put in another quarter?" (BMF, S02E08)
  • ♫: Run the Jewels – "Close Your Eyes [and Count to Fuck]" (Grand Crew, S02E01)
  • "What's in these?"
    "Basic sheet cake done in an on-sale, store-bought style with a center of ripened Camembert." (Party Down, S03E02)
  • "I took any gig. Secret weddings, illegal poker tournaments, goth raves, unpermitted underground brises, anything to keep Party Down afloat." (Party Down, S03E02)
  • "I mean, the whole reason Haley Joel Osment grew a beard is 'cause he shot himself in the face with a pellet gun, high on K, trying to rob a Chipotle."
    "Wait, I saw Haley last month up close. His face was normal."
    "Okay, well, a different former child actor." (Party Down, S03E02)
  • "What's with the card?"
    "Like, why is it weirdly big?"
    "No, this. What's 'Party Dowm'? With an M?"
    "Shit!" (Party Down, S03E02)
  • ♫: Keir – "Boys Will Be Girls" (Wreck, S01E01)
  • "She said I must've eaten something dodgy."
    "Did she now? Nurse is a fella. Nauseating, I know."
    "I didn't mean 'she.'"
    "He calls everyone 'she,' don't you? Because he's a homosexual."
    "Yep. Hey, girl! It's just our culture." (Wreck, S01E02)
  • ♫: Orchestral "Thong Song" (Wreck, S01E02)
  • "You don't say no to the mafia. You don't get a choice."
    "There's always a choice."
    "Trust me, Cormac, there isn't. You're white. That's the lowest difficulty setting." (Wreck, S01E03)
  • </Wreck, S01>

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