if ur leffen then im chillindude

Fandom, the world's largest fan platform, analyzed billions of first-party data points across its 40 million pages of content to uncover each U.S. State's pick to win.

Avatar: The Way of Water is the only cardinal direction film. Hits north (North Dakota), south (Alabama), east (Virginia), and west (Washington).

No Top Gun: Maverick in SEC country is surprising.

Everything Everywhere All at Once won five less states than Top Gun: Maverick, but more electoral votes.

Everything Everywhere All at Once won seven less states than Avatar: The Way of Water, but only trails it by three electoral votes.

How did Andrea Riseborough win any, let alone FIVE, states?

Michelle Williams won more electoral votes than Michelle Yeoh.

Paul Mescal got shut out by THE INTERNET?!

Out of all three maps, Brendan Fraser won the most electoral votes – 225. He just needs to flip Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

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