I will just focus on my private life for the time being with my remaining apes

Full Swing made the global top 10 for just one week, and ranked among the top 10 shows in only 12 countries the week of its premiere.

Full Swing should pivot to documenting the PGA Tour Bible Study group.

Each week during Tour, on Tuesday evenings, Christian golfers meet at the PGA Tour Bible Study group.

Founded in July 1965 by pro players Kermit Zarley and brothers Jim and Babe Hiskey, the first meeting was held at the Whitemarsh Open in Philadelphia, Penn., and attended by just seven people.

Today, it can be standing room only with anywhere up to 100 people present, as players, their partners, caddies and officials come together to share prayers and discuss scripture.

"I can't say whether my faith gives me a competitive advantage over my competitors or not," Streelman said. "But we don't attend to help our golf games — we attend to help our life games."

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