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The law says cannabis can be consumed in a private dwelling or at a business that holds a license for a cannabis lounge.

The Lexi does not have a cannabis lounge license, which is why there will be no marijuana allowed in the public areas.

However, a reserved hotel room is considered a private dwelling, which is why guests can consume cannabis inside their rooms only.

Only about 22 of [64] rooms will allow cannabis consumption.

"There's definitely a lot of people there that are high … [but] I've worked really hard to make the show just as much fun for somebody who's never smoked weed," says Zabin. "That's really important to me, doing the best magic show I can, not just the best weed magic show I can."

"To me, magic and weed have always seemed to go so great together."

All that's missing is a cannabis casino.

The cannabis casino concept didn't require any additional legal considerations because customers don't gamble real money. The prizes include cannabis products or store credit.

"For instance, there's days that you come in and you spend $25, you get either a ball to go down the Plinko machine, or a pull on the roulette wheel, [or] a roll at the craps table. So you win prizes, and you can win pretty much no matter what."

So it's not a casino; it's what gyms do when you refer a friend.


The company also recently released its own take on the McDonald's "Monopoly" game promotion where customers can win prizes like free pot for life, or a kit to grow your own cannabis plants at home.

Rory: A cannabis-friendly buffet.

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