Latino butt heat

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Year-End List Idea: The Top 50 Celebrations of "50 Years of Hip-Hop" of the Year.

Didn't the Grammys already do this?

I shudder to think what's in store when Saturday Night Live turns 50 next year.

Taylor Swift should collaborate with Crumbl. White women would eat it up.

A week of cookie flavors inspired by Taylor Swift eras.

Lover – rose
Fearless – contains edible insects
Evermore – chocolate chip
Red – red velvet
1989 – ecto cooler
Midnights – dark chocolate with white chocolate chips

The Coca-Cola Company should re-release New Coke as a Coca-Cola Creation.

Coca-Cola 2.0. Back to the future flavored.

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