Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

51. Ready for his close-up (The Curse, S01E05)

Stray Observations

  • Dean Cain (The Curse, S01E05)
  • "Alright, I'm just gonna say it so nobody else has to say it. Popey ball. There."
    "If I didn't say anything, someone was gonna be like, 'You missed Popey ball, it was right there.' I thought about not using a Poké Ball because of that and…it's just the right tool for the right job. What, am I supposed to not use it and shoot the Pope in the head?"
    "I was gonna say it." (Rick and Morty, S07E09)
  • "So, you want freedom with no responsibility? Son, there's only one person on Earth who gets that deal."
    "Mm. The president."
    "A baby. You're fighting for your right to be a baby." (Fargo, S05E05)

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