David Lunch

Renate Reinsve films dated for 2024:

A Different Man
An insecure actor finds a miracle cure for his facial disfigurement, only to be upstaged by a stranger who oozes self-confidence despite (still) having the exact same condition the main character had once allowed to hold him back.

Handling the Undead
If zombies weren't so fixated on eating our brains, perhaps they'd be poignant to have around: semi-living, semi-breathing semblances of people we've loved, there to be seen and held and talked to, not truly present but not absent either.

Another End
In a near-future, a new technology exists that can put the consciousness of a dead person back into a living body in an attempt to ease the grief of separation, providing a little extra time to say goodbye.

The worst person in the world has a type.

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