Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

5. August 17, 1943 (Masters of the Air, S01E03)

Honourable Mention

  • Larry David attacks Elmo (Today, 1 Feb 2024)

Stray Observations

  • "Sometimes what's best is to keep the bodies buried. Often death is the best cure, often a relief."
    "They teach you that bit of 'deepitude' in medical school?"
    "Buchenwald." (Monsieur Spade, S01E03)
  • "Get ready for them, Vagatha!"
    "Not my name! But, got it." (Hazbin Hotel, S01E08)
  • "See, you messed with my daughter, and now I am going to fuck you!"
    "Well, this just got interesting."
    "It's fuck you up…Dad."
    "Wait, what did I say?" (Hazbin Hotel, S01E08)
  • </Hazbin Hotel, S01>
  • </Mr. and Mrs. Smith, S01>

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