I just want to go home and watch Idol

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will showcase original Canadian stories written and produced by, and starring, Canadians.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One-ass punctuation…

Shouldn't it be Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Toronto?

Unless it's a spin-off of Law & Order: Toronto.

Which it isn't.

Why would you name the first Law & Order set in Toronto after the third mainline programme?

Did you know that two Canadian versions of The Traitors exist? A nationwide English-language version and a Quebec-only French-language one.

Also: Separate but equal Big Brothers.

Big Brother Célébrités is the Quebec celebrity version of Big Brother.

Big Brother Célébrités is the third French-language adaptation of the Big Brother format in Canada.

A French-Canadian version of Loft Story, the France-produced version of the series, premiered in 2003.

Loft Story was succeeded by an official Quebec-produced edition of Big Brother in 2010.

Loi & Ordre Quebec: Crime Organisé when?

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