No Step on Snek

Cameron Crovetti played Alexander Skarsgård's son on Big Little Lies and young Bill Skarsgård in Boy Kills World.

He also plays Homelander's son on The Boys and played young Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man.

Ariana Greenblatt played America Ferrara's daughter in Barbie and Gina Rodriguez's daughter in Awake.

She also played young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War and young Ahsoka on Ahsoka.

Q: Which actor has the wildest résumé of young or child roles?

Jacob Tremblay played young Will Forte on The Last Man on Earth and Will Forte's son in Good Boys.

He also plays young Tom Hiddleston in The Life of Chuck and played Owen Wilson's son in Wonder.

He also plays both Batman's son and Robin on Harley Quinn.

He also plays Nick Offerman's son in Sovereign and played Boyd Holbrook's son in The Predator and Thomas Jane's son in Before I Wake.

He also played young Justin Bieber in a music video.

In addition to playing young Chris Rock on Everybody Hates Chris, Tyler James Williams played young Bill Cosby's older brother on Little Bill and an older version of his real-life younger brother Tyrel on Lab Rats.

He also played Jack Black's son on Saturday Night Live.

Haley Joel Osment played Forrest Gump's son, Jeff Foxworthy's son, the Disney Beauty and the Beast teapot's son, and Murphy Brown's son.

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