We had to kidnap the sun

Cup Noodles Campfire S'mores combines decadent chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors with a smokey note. [source]

I suppose it's only bizarre because sweet noodle dishes aren't prevalent.

You have noodle kugel and…kheer, which originated as a rice dish.

Idea: Replace the graham cracker in a s'more with slices of instant ramen brick.

Santō in Silver Lake [Los Angeles, CA] sells a single $8 piece of nigiri that's seared hamachi with Oaxacan chocolate and a pinch of salt.

It…tastes like a s'more.

S'mores omakase
S'mores sushi
S'mores ramen
S'mores mochi

Idea: S'mores katsu curry. Chicken cutlet breaded in graham cracker crumbs, curry with dark chocolate added, steamed Rice Krispie treat.

Idea: Bull-Dog Sauce-flavoured Buldak ramen.

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