Feeling This

If the NBA Finals were a burger, it would be a circular patty with seared basketball "ribs" on both sides sandwiched between two slices of Jewish Rye, one slathered in Heinz Blastin' Green EZ Squirt ketchup and Miracle Whip, the other in Heinz Funky Purple EZ Squirt ketchup and mustard. And Jimmy Kimmel would be fucking it.

Bigger mismatch: Mike Brown vs. Gregg Popovich or Doc Rivers vs. Phil Jackson?

Doc's son Jeremiah is transferring from Georgetown to Indiana. It seems like he's been playing college basketball forever, like Eric Devendorf.

The International Olympic Committee eliminated Baku, Azerbaijan as a potential host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

How could they reject a city in a Muslim country that borders Iraq?

"Who's next?"

If a city I live in ever lands the Olympics, I'm moving immediately.


  1. Yusuf Islam 05 Jun 08 at 21:30

    Azerbaijan borders Iran, not Iraq.

  2. Jon 06 Jun 08 at 00:05

    Well, fuck.

  3. Con 06 Jun 08 at 00:45

    adamriff HTML layout vs. UCLA Football


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