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The thing that's wrong with Michael Cera is that he's basically George McFly but devoid of the half-nut that made him man up enough to punch out Biff when the chips were down… Michael Cera would totally have let Biff rape Loraine. [source]

And he would totally have returned for the sequel.


Michael Cera would totally have let Jim Rome keep calling him "Chris."

Michael Cera would totally order a salad at Chipotle.

Craig was an anticlimactic Mole. Paul was robbed.

Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench
"the penis was so swollen that doctors ended up having to cut the entire bench free and take it, with Xian attached, to the hospital"

A mariachi band greeted him at the hospital (I wish).

TF2 Thor Bat (nsfw — computer-generated dildos)
wall-e porn


  1. omgchris 12 Aug 08 at 21:39

    I appreciate you marking links NSFW, but whats the point? The other day my work computer got hung up on a picture of a asshole covered in wet shit while reading your site…

  2. Jon 12 Aug 08 at 22:48

    It was chocolate cake, not wet shit! She'd just farted on a cake!

  3. josh 13 Aug 08 at 01:01

    yeah, that makes it so much better!

  4. Adam 13 Aug 08 at 02:07

    In a pinch, my guess is you'd choose to eat butt cake over butt poop anyday.


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