Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked

We asked Diddy if there were a new Olympic sport, something he himself might have a chance of winning, what would that be?

"Who could have sex the longest," he told us with a straight face. [source]

Stole Sting's moves too, eh?

I stumbled upon a LiveJournal featuring Generation Kill slash fic.

I share its affection for the characters Fick and Colbert, but…gosh…

The author, a "bisexual Pagan," primarily writes Boston Red Sox slash. Last month, she began an ongoing series of slash starring J.D. Drew and his brother Stephen.

"Try and relax and press back against me," he murmured against Stephen's sweaty neck, and the teenager nodded, then winced and whimpered softly as the head of J.D.'s cock pressed into him. "Relax," J.D. urged again, smoothing his hands gently up and down Stephen's quivering flanks, trying to quiet his ragged breathing slightly. Stephen just gasped and tried to take more, pressing back and hissing softly as he was forced open. "Don't want to hurt you baby," J.D. murmured, brushing soft kisses against Stephen's face. "I don't mind," Stephen gasped, then moaned softly as he sank all the way down J.D.'s cock. "Feel so good inside me," he whispered baring his neck. "So good J.D."


Whoa. Once Upon a Time in America slash too!

First comment: "I am very glad to not be the only person that writes De Niro slash."

Slash fic should be like an Internet improv game. Solicit challenges from readers.

"What should I pervert next?"
"Around the Horn!"

I popped my Stump the Schwab podcast cherry today. Howie Schwab is about as eloquent as Sexman.

Laurence Fishburne is in talks to replace William Petersen as the star of "CSI."

The new character is described as a doctor/scientist outsider to the CSI unit who has the same genetic profile as a serial killer but hasn't previously acted on any homicidal impulses. [source]

So… CSI: Dexter.

Inflatable dog turd sculpture escapes Swiss museum, wreaks havoc
"Paul McCarthy also created Class Fool, a video piece documenting [him] running around a classroom [naked] covered in ketchup with a barbie doll between his legs."

Of Prosthetic Shlongs And Gay Love Scenes: James Franco Milks It For Kimmel
10 Comics Creators We Wish Would Make Movies Instead Of Frank Miller


  1. omgchris 14 Aug 08 at 21:05

    Is one of the main pictures in rotation some kind of horse dick ensemble? Thankfully I've learned my lesson about visiting while at work.

  2. Jon 14 Aug 08 at 23:00

    They're not horse dicks! They're foal legs!

    Give me some credit…


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