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Lately, I've fallen asleep pondering the mystery of the universe.

If the universe expanded from a primeval atom or initial condition, what created the atom or condition?

If God created the universe, what created God? What's his story?

What created what created the universe? And what created what created what created the universe?

At some point, something must have come from nothing, which is impossible!

The universe is maddening. I feel like Cate Blanchett's character in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I want to know! I need to know!

some videos cannot be unseen (not safe for humanity)


  1. jord 19 Aug 08 at 04:18

    weird…. these are the issues that are destroying my life.

  2. mark 19 Aug 08 at 07:07

    fuck your life. (the ponderings, not the video. the video was funny.)

  3. Cangrejero 19 Aug 08 at 08:59

    Read "A Brief History of Time." Basically, the laws of physics break down at the point of the big bang. Concepts like time don't really mean what we think they mean at that point. The book shows no need for a creator, or a period of time before the big bang, as the very nature of time changes as you move towards the singularity.

    It's a good book and Professor Hawking could explain it way better than I. I could whoop his sorry ass in basketball, however, so I guess we're even.

  4. ernest riles 19 Aug 08 at 09:10

    i got 20 seconds into the video before it creeped me out and i had to turn it off.

    what do i win?

  5. vladmir 19 Aug 08 at 12:22

    that guy sure can fuck

    the answer is god blew himself up during the big bang.

    videos like that prove there is no "intelligent" design.

  6. Jon 19 Aug 08 at 12:30

    C: Arguing that time and space weren't time and space before the Big Bang still doesn't address the issue of creation ex nihilo.

    E: Awww… You missed the vomiting!

  7. Cangrejero 19 Aug 08 at 13:05

    The previous generation turned on their large hadron collider.

  8. Andrew 19 Aug 08 at 13:10

    That video makes me feel so refreshingly normal.

    I don't like the thought that before the Big Bang, I was the same particle as that poor bear.

  9. Gustavo 19 Aug 08 at 15:07

    Yeah, and have you ever thought about what it would be like if a computer got high?? shit would be ccrazy

  10. KM 19 Aug 08 at 23:53

    Well, you can always just bypass the whole ex nihilo problem by saying the universe has always existed.

    Of course, you're still stuck with the whole "why is there something rather than nothing" problem, but that one doesn't really go away.

  11. lozo 20 Aug 08 at 10:35

    Dude. I got to the point in the video where the man begins squatting down over the stuffed animal before I bailed. What the fuck?

  12. b-dot 20 Aug 08 at 11:38


    what a strange planet we live on….

  13. Aaron 20 Aug 08 at 17:44

    "Lately, I've fallen asleep pondering the mystery of the universe."

    Isn't that called smoking marijuana?


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