Pastichio Medley


Sexological bodyworkers?

I bet Kramer's doctorate is in humanities.

Jackass 3 idea: Fire-cupping scrotums.

Usain Bolt: "You want the truth, right? All right. I got up at 12, yah, 12. My masseuse brought me nuggets, of course. I'm serious, though, he brought me nuggets. I didn't really want to go to the cafeteria so he brought me nuggets. And I came straight to the track, and my masseuse again brought me more nuggets. I just had two, though, because my coach was saying I shouldn't eat so much nuggets before the race." [source]

His masseuse brings him nuggets.

Runner Dwain Chambers mistaken by Chinese paper for world record holder Usain Bolt
All Black Men Look Alike in Chinese Stereotype Reversal

Swimmer Steve Parry mistaken by Chinese for world record holder Michael Phelps
All White Men Look Alike in Chinese Stereotype Reversal

No White Person Has Ever Broken 10 Seconds in the 100 Meters
"We can't even outrun Asians. /McCained"

Through the first 11 days of the games, viewing by boys 2-11 is up 12% from the first 11 days of the 2004 Athens games. [source]

When reached for comment, boys 2-11 remarked: "Mommy Charmander faggot!"

For BMX Racers, Olympic Debut Is a Surreal Experience
Ty used to race some of the American riders.

—if you skip ahead 30 seconds to where the action starts… its pretty tough to stop watching

This week on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

10 Thoughts Going Through Snow's Head On The "Informer" Video Shoot
Man Walks 12 Miles for Free Cheeseburger
covers pre-shaped in a hiding position


  1. lozo 21 Aug 08 at 09:19

    I can't believe how NSFW your photos and links have become recently.

  2. Andrew 21 Aug 08 at 10:30

    I can't believe that any baby or animal would stay in one of those covers for any length of time. Or that anyone would do that to their baby.

    On the other hand, the Thug Life cover just made my Christmas list.

  3. Jon 21 Aug 08 at 12:55

    Lozo: My parents are unemployed?

    We must define "NSFW" differently, because I would never intentionally jeopardize anyone's job.

  4. Forest 21 Aug 08 at 13:13

    I just like how the corporate cover has space enough for a briefcase.


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