1. Tony 02 Sep 08 at 07:20

    Ooooo doggy, that's a good video.

  2. ernest riles 02 Sep 08 at 08:53

    "i done got sick 'n tahrd of stickin' them crusty rusty catheters back up my pee hole aginn…makin' my folds smell like a handful o' wet pennies in mah pappy's trout bucket."

  3. Adam 02 Sep 08 at 10:27

    "… everytime I had to cath." They have their own lingo. Thanks for making me aware of a possible sub-culture that may have their own dating service for Cath on Cath dating.

  4. Aaron 02 Sep 08 at 20:02

    Yo, somebody order me a beer, I'll be right back, I just gotta go take a cath.

  5. Andy 02 Sep 08 at 22:23

    SACK – Students Against Cathing at Kinkos. Jon this is Adam's friend from work. I was wondering if you had the name of the BMX vid from last week

  6. Jon 03 Sep 08 at 00:03

    Andy: Metal Bikes – 'Dead Bang'


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