Causing Problems

tasteful and useless!

There's some sort of noise abatement ordinance in the OC that requires each plane departing from that airport to cut the engines mid-air once a certain altitude is reached, so as not to disturb the residents below. [source]

That can't be safe.

From the creator of The UAE!

» Google Chrome snap judgment: FUUUUUCK! Another browser to test?

» Joe Lieberman is the best wrestling heel that never was.

» If Hollywood insists on remaking old films, why not remake 80s action flicks with Jack Bauer as the lead character? Jack Bauer in Predator! Lone Wolf McQuade with Jack Bauer!

» The GED for Dummies is literally for dummies.

» The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards will honour both "best choreography in a video" and "best dancing in a video."

Best Male Video

Terence Trent D'Arby — "Wishing Well"
George Harrison — "Got My Mind Set on You"
Prince (featuring Sheena Easton) — "U Got the Look"
Bruce Springsteen — "Tunnel of Love"
Steve Winwood — "Back in the High Life Again"

Chris Brown — "With You"
Flo Rida (featuring T-Pain) — "Low"
Lil Wayne (featuring Static Major) — "Lollipop"
T.I. — "No Matter What"
Usher (featuring Young Jeezy) — "Love in This Club"

I wonder if Flo Rida knows who Steve Winwood is.

Naw, he probably don't know know know know know know know know.

Best Female Video

Cher — "I Found Someone"
Lita Ford — "Kiss Me Deadly"
Janet Jackson — "The Pleasure Principle"
Suzanne Vega — "Luka"
Jody Watley — "Some Kind of Lover"

Mariah Carey — "Touch My Body"
Katy Perry — "I Kissed a Girl"
Rihanna — "Take a Bow"
Jordin Sparks (featuring Chris Brown) — "No Air"
Britney Spears — "Piece of Me"

If I'm matching, Mariah is Cher, Katy is Lita, Rihanna is Janet, Jordin is Jody and so Britney is…Suzanne?

Best New Artist Video

The Godfathers — "Birth, School, Work, Death"
Guns N' Roses — "Welcome to the Jungle"
Buster Poindexter — "Hot, Hot, Hot"
Swing Out Sister — "Breakout"
Jody Watley — "Some Kind of Lover"

Miley Cyrus — "7 Things"
Katy Perry — "I Kissed a Girl"
Jordin Sparks (featuring Chris Brown) — "No Air"
Taylor Swift — "Teardrops on My Guitar"
Tokio Hotel — "Ready, Set, Go!"

One of these shananananananana-nominees is not like the others.

Video of the Year

George Harrison — "When We Was Fab"
INXS — "Need You Tonight/Mediate"
Bruce Springsteen — "Tunnel of Love"
U2 — "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
U2 — "Where the Streets Have No Name"

Chris Brown — "Forever"
Jonas Brothers — "Burnin' Up"
Pussycat Dolls — "When I Grow Up"
Britney Spears — "Piece of Me"
The Ting Tings — "Shut Up and Let Me Go"

What a sorry bunch this year.'s Bottom 10 as New Kids on the Block song parodies
Ten Weird Tag Teams for Smackdown vs. Raw '09


  1. esteban 03 Sep 08 at 12:11

    lone wolf mcquade is my favorite chuck norris film. kiefer sutherland is no chuck norris.

  2. Jon 03 Sep 08 at 12:30

    I said Jack Bauer, not Kiefer.


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