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It's not usually considered "polite", "prudent", or "smart" to edit the words of your sites back-end administrator; It turns out that your back-end administrator can do whatever he wants to your site. You're lucky if all you get is a poorly written rebuttal. It could have been goatse'ed to oblivion.

So without further ado, I present in full-on, abridged-but-unedited glory, what I actually said about the matter of where Jon should sleep during his lost week:

—Jonathan Yu: so i'm planning this trip to toronto
—Jonathan Yu: and hotel costs are really high
—Jonathan Yu: so i'm considering a hostel

—Ryan McKern: man, i would not sleep in a hostel if ever hotel in the city was on fire

—Jonathan Yu: should i still be rooming in rooms with 3 other dudes
—Jonathan Yu: to save a ton of cash
—Jonathan Yu: i just need a place to sleep

—Jonathan Yu: yeah i could get a private room
—Jonathan Yu: in a hostel for 90

—Ryan McKern: you can get a private room in a hotel with a pool for $100

—Ryan McKern: i'd rather stay in a dirty motel than a hostel

—Jonathan Yu: hostels have free internet

—Ryan McKern: so do hotels.

—Jonathan Yu: but you have to pay
—Jonathan Yu: i've never been in a 4 star
—Jonathan Yu: with free internet

—Ryan McKern: not at any hotel i've stayed at
—Ryan McKern: every 3 and 2 star i've stayed at has had free wifi in the last five years

—Jonathan Yu: yeah
—Jonathan Yu: like i said
—Jonathan Yu: the high end ones
—Jonathan Yu: always charge

—Ryan McKern: so step down a peg!

—Jonathan Yu: i did

—Ryan McKern: shit, even a 1 star in albany had a free ethernet drop and wireless

You're welcome, Jon. Welcome to the East Coast.


  1. Jon 10 Sep 08 at 07:48

    Haha. You took the bait — and how!


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